Places to travel with kids

Trying to decide where to travel with kids can be a nightmare just thinking about it. Do you want luxury travel with kids or are there quite a few of you so you need to decide on budget travel with kids. Are you going to take them abroad or will you stay closer to home. The stress of the journey and keeping them occupied is something you need to take into consideration when making your decision. But in my opinion  it is worth taking them away. I travelled  a lot with my daughter right from her being a toddler and each trip I would see growth in her character and confidence.

Here are some of the ideas that you may want to consider

Walt Disney World, Florida


Where do I begin? This place is great for children of all ages. There are strollers available to hire, an abundance of places to eat and drink, information regarding suitability of rides for all age groups and many of the rides are pretty spectacular. It’s a far cry from the fun fair back home and the memories will linger on until the children are old and grey! Trust me, this is a wonderful wonderful place to not only spark the imagination but for the level of enjoyment and thrills it is hard to beat

Nowadays as well as Florida there are a number of other Disney Resorts to try such as EuroDisney in Paris as well as resorts in California, Hawaii, Hong Kong, China and Japan

disney world


You need a lot of energy to get round just one theme park and now there are many more to see, try to put in some relaxation time between visits. Be prepared for long queues and watch for the heat and sunburn whilst queuing. Also, whilst I believe you do get value for money, it is not cheap and some of the passes with meals included are not always as good as they seem. For instance, we thought we were getting two meals included in our pass and it was just a snack (such as cake) and a meal and you can’t use these passes at every eating place. Paying up front for drinks though and being able to fill up your cup when ever you need is a bonus, once you have been sent from pillar to post being shown where you can fill up on drinks.


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