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There has been a lot of research done on what makes us happy and taking a holiday goes a long way to fulfill this. Studies have shown that certain criteria add up to us being more content with our lot, such as having something to look forward to (eg. a holiday) spending time with those we love (easier to do with more time available ¬†on holiday) relaxation (holiday?) exercise (this can also be done on holiday – I certainly am more likely to do more walking in a warm climate)spending time outside (yes, you’ve guessed, we can do this on holiday) so if you want to be happy then it seems to me that making a decision as to whether or not to go on holiday is a no brainer.2015-11-09 17.35.17

(This was a recent photo I took on the bus driving through Repulse Bay on Hong Kong island)


There are a lot of things to consider such as budget, restrictions on when you can travel if you have work commitments, who you are travelling with and their needs and desires and what sorts of things you want from a holiday. All in all it’s not always easy but hopefully we can help you make your holiday choice a memorable one.

You will find quite a mixture on this site and hopefully your input will determine how the site develops. It could be as diverse as fun things to do Atlanta or places to visit UK or maybe even getting advice on plane tickets Germany.




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