Mississippi River Paddle boat cruises

It’s nearly ten years now since Hurricane Katrina and whilst there is still some evidence of her destruction in New Orleans, what a place to visit. NOLA as it is known to the locals has a culture all of it’s own and is like no other place in the States. I loved the French Quarter with the colonial style housing and Regency decor. Some of the are looks quite run down but we stayed in a quaint little house that stuck out of the neighbourhood like a little palace. It had it’s own unique eccentric style, typical of New Orleans. There’s plenty to see and do here.2015-06-27 12.46.43


Try the House of Blues and you must walk down Bourbon Street and take in the vibes. If you’re looking for cheap parking, spend an hour at the Casino, it’s much cheaper that way. We visited the voodoo museum which was small but interesting.

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Our favourite place to eat was a steak at Chris Ruth’s – the portion sizes too much for our small British palette but we shared a meal between two. You can take a pony and trap ride and be sure to check out Brad Pitt and Angelina’s house. My favourite part of the whole trip was the Mississippi paddle boat cruise.


The Jazz played on whilst we enjoyed a three course meal, a truly memorable evening. Talking of eating, I tried some NOLA delicacies that I haven’t had before, like a po boy, that’s a baguette, filled to the brim with meat. A trip to the Big Easy wouldn’t be complete without trying jambalaya or the beignets, that a very filling pastry dish that’s deep fried and dusted with sugar to add extra calories but delicious.2015-06-30 22.28.27


Although when we were there, it wasn’t Mardi Gras which must be really exciting, we did witness a unicorn parade and the place is always so lively there is always something to see. Jackson Square is always full of tourists and there are some great restaurants and cafes to try as well as shops to pick up souvenirs. There’s always music being played and buskers abound. It’s a great place for all musicians and although it’s synonymous with jazz, if you walk up Frenchmen Street, you’ll be met with many different varieties of music to suit all tastes



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