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IT Luggage World’s Lightest 76.5cm Fluorescent Orange Four Wheel Spinner Case

Product : IT Luggage World’s Lightest 76.5cm Fluorescent Orange Four Wheel Spinner Case
Price : £73.50
Best place to buy : Amazon
Size : 76.5 x 44 x 26 cm – 2.3 kg               suitcase

This case has got a lot of features that I love. Although IT do an extra large version of this product, what I find is that if I have room I will fill it so I know this size is the maximum I can get away with in terms of using up my luggage allowance for a 2 week holiday. That’s why I have a different case depending on the length of my stay. I know what size is ok with a restriction of 23kgs – that’s where I use my large lightweight luggage, the medium size I can just about get up to the full quota of 20kg allowance and for a weekend bag I can normally cope with the carry on size case.

One of the things I have realised over the years is not to go with a colour case that everybody has. Try to be original. That way you’re not picking up a case off the carousel every time a similar colour to yours comes round. That’s another reason I love this make as the flourescent colours are so easy to spot . You can see your case from 100 yards away! Also, I always go for 4 wheels nowadays. True, the case can sometimes run away from you but if it is a large case packed to the brim then being able to push aswell as pull if you’ve got a 5 mile hike to your terminus certainly makes life easier. Also this case only weighs 2.3kg which is very light in the luggage world so means you can fit in an extra few pairs of shoes or outfits for that special night out.

All in all I would rate this IT Luggage World case very highly and definitely recommend it. It is worth paying the extra for the quality you get, reliability of the make and think of what you’ll save in the long run through no excess baggage fees.

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