Holidays to Las Vegas

Las Vegas in March

If you’re thinking of flying to Las Vegas then March is a great time to go.  What can I say about the place? Well, I love it. Vegas is a unique multi faceted oasis. It is well known for many things such as quickie weddings, excesses of every variety, everything from shopping, entertainment to gambling and a more risque lifestyle. I personally have never enjoyed gambling but Vegas is one of my favourite places on Earth. I can just ignore all the casinos at the front of the hotels and take from it what I enjoy, that being the opulence, the OTT settings and even it’s vulgarity has a special kind of charm that you only understand once you’ve been 1

The hotels on the Strip are magnificent. From the MGM Grand to the Luxor, the Venetian to the Bellagio, there are many to see and they are all pretty amazing.

vegas 4

When we went for the first time, my daughter couldn’t comprehend why we would want to spend an evening looking round hotels and she needed a fair bit of coaxing to come out. Thank goodness she didn’t miss out on what was on offer. With a full scale reproduction of Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Luxor, the best that Paris and New York can offer, a replica of Venice with canals through the hotel in the Venetian that is incredible; to say nothing of the best designer shops to be found from Gucci to Prada and with more places to eat out than you can imagine, there really is so much to see and do here. Vegas draws in the top entertainers also with Elton John, Celine Dion and Cirque de Soleil being firm favourites. For free entertainment get down to the light show outside the Bellagio. The artificial lake houses thousands of fountains and puts on a spectacular display as streams of water dance to music lit by a rainbow of coloured light.  vegas 7

There’s so much to see and do here but make sure you don’t miss out on a trip to the Grand Canyon. It’s about a 4 to 5 hour drive from Vegas. Man may be able to accomplish many architectural feats but what nature can do far outweighs that. This place is guaranteed to take your breath away.

grand canyon


I know they say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but Vegas seems to be a place that people either love or hate and I’d love to hear what your views are if you’ve been.



13 thoughts on “Holidays to Las Vegas

  1. Loved Vegas! and its so true even if you are not a gambler there is so much to do. I have only been once and spent 4 days and we didn’t even go to any shows just spent time walking around and shopping and one day took a small plane tour over the hoover dam and grand canyon. What I would love to do when I go back is take in show and then do the drive out to the grand canyon. There’s something about taking a picnic over the canyon that just appeals to me. I stayed at the MGM and loved it, it was good but such a huge hotel. I think if your going a hotel in the middle of the strip is perfect since you do so much walking. If could find a good rate would love to stay at the Bellagio it was so beautiful and a great location. The Cirque de Soleil would be such a classic to see. Do you know if tickets fluctuate in price at all?

    • Hi Annelise,

      A picnic over the canyon sounds awesome! For Cirque de Soleil tickets, it’s always the way but other hotels are cheaper than the show at the Bellagio, however if you want to see them there then if you join the cirque club (it’s free) they often have offers on shows for members.

  2. I just visited your site and I found it informative you have a lot of useful information on travel you obviously love to travel unfortunately I have never had the chance I think your site will benefit a lot of people who love to travel and see the the world your description of the places you have been and your adventures is very entertaining and your site will do very well in the future keep up the good work

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your comments. I like to take trips closer to home aswell as far flung places. I think you can turn any location into an adventure. For me, because I always like to explore new places, I have found that I’m often having to go further afield now but it’s refreshing that cheaper travel is making more places accessible

  3. Diane, Thanks for sharing your Vegas-destination know-how!

    When I was younger, I could not appreciate Las Vegas at all. I used to go there regularly for trade shows and conventions, and my business trips occupied 95% of my time, sleep aside. Today, I have a newfound appreciation for Las Vegas simply due to the multitude of amazing dining options! I love food!!! And Vegas has become a top contender with the draw of world-renowned chefs pouring their talents into the destination! It’s like a tiny treasure trove of culinary delights & I’m the mayor :) :)

    • Hi Bri and thanks for your comments. I think it’s interesting how we only really see the things we want to see. For me, I see all the excitement there but I have a friend who doesn’t like me singing the praises of Vegas as she only sees the darker side.

      I also love food and there is so much to choose from there. I’d love to hear your favourite places to dine.

  4. I used to live about an hour away from Vegas, across the border the wonderful town of St. George. I have been to Las Vegas many, many times and I am not a gambler either. I’d have to agree, Vegas has so much more to offer. The shows are amazing and we always do a Circus de Soleil when we are there. We have also seen The Blue Man Group, which I think was the best show that I have ever seen there. You definitely get your exercise in, that’s for sure! Thank you for sharing, brings back a lot of memories.

    • How wonderful to have lived so close and been able to access what’s on offer. It’s often true though that we don’t always appreciate what’s on our doorstep. I now live in London and there are lots of places and things to do here that I still want and need to visit when I finally get round to it.

  5. I went to Las Vegas once 14 years ago for my best friends wedding. Being best man I had to dress up like Elvis. I stayed at the Hard Rock off of the strip, but one day, I did walk the strip from the old Stardust Hotel to the Bellagio. I liked the Bellagio and Caesars the best. Didn’t make it to the Venetian, Luxor or MGM Grand. Most of the gambling I did was a place down the street from the Hard Rock that mostly locals went to. Had a lot of fun there!

  6. Hi Diane, thanks for your post. I have never been to Las Vegas, but I would love to go there in the future. What other months besides March are also good for traveling. Are there any organized day tours available e.g. to the Grand Canyon?
    How many days would you say are sufficient to explore Las Vegas?
    I would love to see Elton John, and I wouldn’t mind spending a bit of money at the casino. :-)
    Best regards Anke

  7. I went to the US for a holiday about 20 years ago, I live in Western Australia. One of the places that I did visit was Las Vegas but unfortunately I wasn’t there for very long and I was also by myself so didn’t venture out much.

    I really regret not seeing more of the places I went to but I’m hoping that one day I will be able to return there and stay a lot longer. There is so much to see. Cheers Kerry

  8. I’ve only visited Las Vegas once for 3 days, when me and some friends embarked on the Route 66 journey 😉

    But I’ve made a promise to myself to re-visit the main party city that never sleeps, because I had such an AWESOME and unreal experience.

    There’s just so much to see and do in Vegas, that you must at least stay in the city for a good 7 days.

    I certainly want to check out more casinos, bars, clubs and shows. But a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is definitely on my “to do” list for next time.


  9. Hi Diane, for some time now, I have been thinking about taking a trip to Las Vegas (never been there before). This post makes it seem like I’ll have a good time. Honestly, I really would love to go to see Celine in concert. If I do decide to go, which particular hotel do you recommend? Where are the GREAT food spots? I love food! What should I do before and after the concert?

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