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Egypt sphinx

Of course you can’t go to Egypt without going to the Pyramids and the Sphinx and whilst the placing of the Pyramids among the seven ancient wonders of the world cannot be denied, at first sight it is not uncommon to be a little disappointed with the view. When I went there was scaffolding up which did unfortunately detract from their overall awesomeness. Oh and watch for the smell if you get up close. It was none too pleasant last time I was there. Personally, I was more taken with some of the other temples in Egypt such as the Temple of Edfu,dedicated to Horus, the falcon-headed god and the Valley of the Kings at Luxor which holds King Tutankhamun’s tomb.  You can’t miss out on a trip to the Cairo museum which holds many of the most important pieces of Egyptian antiquity and seeing the Gold Mask of Tutankhamun composed of 11 kg of solid gold  will take your breath away. The best way, in my opinion to get the best out of Egypt and take in all the inspirational “must see” places is to take a Nile cruise. It’s nice and steady and the trips to the attractions are normally  made first thing in the morning before the sun gets too hot.

king tut

I’ll be honest, before I went to Egypt, my priority for a holiday was to get some sun, relaxation and a nice tan but after visiting this place in all its glory, the magnificence I discovered changed me. The stories of the history, learning about Ramesses and Queen Nefertiti gave me a thirst for knoweldge of history I hadn’t previously encountered. The way the temples were created and their beauty, together with the stories behind them make for one incredible trip. Oh and make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes when you go to the Cairo museum. You’ll not want to come away!

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