Best places to travel in January

Cape Verde           2014-11-12 12.53.14

Not many people you ask seem to know where Cape Verde is but when you look on the map and see how close the islands are to Senegal in Africa, you’ll realise why it might be a good choice for a holiday in January. You can enjoy the Saharan trade winds and endless hours of sunshine. Together with the unspoilt white beaches and the friendliness of it’s people, it’s a great place to while away the hours and recover from the festive season’s excesses. There are many all inclusive complexes both on Sal and Boa Vista, the two most popular of the islands in the Azures and they give excellent value for money.

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The main language spoken is Portuguese but most of the locals speak English. I tried my first ayuverdic massage here and it really was a most enjoyable experience, a little bit different with the therapist arranging my body into some yoga poses whilst lying there. It really gave me the feel good factor, as did the sun, food and entertainment.  2014-11-16 21.52.40

As a relatively quiet part of the world, (it has not yet been discovered by the masses) I would thoroughly give it the thumbs up as a remedy to get the New Year off in a positive frame.

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