Best places to travel in February

Best places to travel in February – Antigua

If you’re going to go away in February then why not do it in style. Antigua is a fantastic place to visit to get the feel good factor. I would also say that if you’re getting married then this would be up there competing as one of the best honeymoon destinations in February. I personally love the Caribbean. I love it’s vibrancy, I love the weather, the ambience, the people, the music, the food, in fact the country as a whole and the nice thing about the West Indies is that each country has its own unique culture. Antigua is no exception. With enough beaches to try a new one each day, I’m sure you too would love it here. There are plenty of watersports to try. watersports

While we were here we hired a car to explore the island. There are some great places to see such as the English harbour. The view from here is amazing. We had an interesting experience when we were driving along, minding our own business. Right in the middle of nowhere we were flagged down by two policemen. Worried sick that we had unwittingly broken some law, we waited as they approached the car. Imagine our surprise when they asked us if they could have a lift to the next town! Only in the Caribbean! Oh and of course we said yes. English harbour

February is an ideal time to visit this wonderful island and the weather should be just perfect, so what are you waiting for.

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