About me

2015-06-27 10.34.45Hi,

I’d like to tell you a little bit about me and the reason I created this website. I have a passion for travel that has been with me now for many years. My nickname is Dora the Explorer and friends have said they feel certain I have Romany blood in me as I am always on the move. The truth is I just love to travel and visit new places. It gives me such a buzz as well as educating me about different cultures and introducing me to new and wonderful locations and foods, together with making lots of new friends.

My love of travel has meant that I spent many years working in the travel industry, that way I was privy to special deals and able to tap into cheap flights and accommodation. I no longer work in that industry but am still very passionate about getting the best prices for my trips. I spend hours surfing the internet to see if I can beat my best price on a holiday. Going on holiday a lot isn’t cheap. I normally have at least 6 holidays a year. I am by no means rich. I am able to do this because of the research I put in and the planning I do so that my budget doesn’t break the bank.

What I would like to do with this site is share some of my findings with you. I don’t want anyone to be envious of my lifestyle, I want you to come to! That’s if travel is your passion like mine. Life is too short to sit at home longing to go somewhere, flicking through holiday brochures saying if only. It can be done and I don’t necessarily do everything on a budget because sometimes it is good to indulge yourself and have a bit of luxury in your life but it’s nice to have the options displayed in front of you.

Being such a seasoned traveller, I have fine tuned everything from getting to the airport, car hire, what to pack. I have lists and certain comforts that I have to take with me like an extra cushion for added comfort on flights! I am definitely a “lists” person and have created lists of some of the nicest restaurants and cafes, shopping deals as well as keeping information about local customs for instance if you go to Dublin and hire a car be very careful. Once you come out of the airport there is a toll fee to pay in certain directions and it isn’t well signposted, there are no toll booths and you can get stung for a fine if you don’t prepay this. They don’t tell you about it in the car hire office. You can pay in one of the kiosks in the airport so be warned. I didn’t know about it and got stung for over 40 euros fine. That’s just a snippit of one of the many tips I will be sharing with you.

I hope you like my website and please feel free to leave any comments